Thursday, August 19, 2010

Midland Metal Products Adds New Technology to Press Brake Department

In a continuing effort to gain technological superiority and streamline the production process Midland Metal Products has recently added two brand new CNC-controlled precision hydraulic press brakes, and FOUR new CNC control upgrades to existing precision machinery.

The machines and new controls have a unique
feature. Instead of a long-handed manual input of numeric dimensions and commands, the program is generated DIRECTLY from a 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional CAD file sourced from our engineering department or, perhaps YOU, our customer.

This seamless integration of electronic part files eliminates translation errors generated by incorrect measurement of the physical part or paper print. In other words: the machine will bend the part EXACTLY as it is designed. Furthermore, the technology makes use of our extensive tooling library and makes suggestions for the most efficient method of part creation. We are also made instantly aware of any physical limitations or other errors that may come about during a production situation. This establishes accurate prototyping and part costs; the increased efficiency has reduced set-up time and increased capacity and throughput.

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