Monday, June 11, 2012

Midland Metal Products is ISO 9001-2008 Certified

Update:  As of March 16, 2014 our powder coating process has been registered and added to our scope along with previously registered design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and distribution of custom metal products.  See new certificate below.

 As of June 11, 2012 Midland Metal Products is registered with ISO for Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Assembly, Packaging, and Distribution of Custom Metal Products.  We at Midland Metal Products are extremely honored to join such elite company within the ISO community.  Our long journey to certification may have taken a huge leap but our insistence on improvement and innovation will not wane.

The road to certification was an excellent opportunity to not only display our pride in our operation but also to analyze areas of improvement.  We are happy to be recognized for our high standards of work throughout the company including such areas as Quality Management, Management Responsibility, Resource Management, Product Realization, Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement.  With our new certification, we look forward to continuing the outstanding quality of our work.

An aspect of ISO 9001 which makes us especially proud of our certification is the requirement for persistent quality and control.  In order to retain certification, all ISO 9001 certified companies must maintain the high level of service they displayed during their certification process.  The ISO process continues to be a diligent endeavor even after certification with controls such as internal and external audits, continued control of documents, and dependable corrective and preventative action.  Midland Metal Products is looking forward to continuing the high level of work we have exhibited for over 80 years with our new ISO 9001 certification.

Please contact your sales exec for details on the scope of our certification and requests for documents.