Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Welcome and a Farewell

When a business is in operation for ninety years, it is likely to see its share of people come and go. While some of these events may stand out more than others, each carries some significance on the time line of an organization.

This past year saw two such events.

Ella Goodman, a 31-year veteran spot welder, retired from Midland in November. Ella showed dedication to her job as, year after year, she would get up each day before the sunrise and take public transportation to be at work by six o’clock. Ella will be missed.

2009 also saw an investment in new talent. Midland Metal Products hired Edward Cuomo to expand our East Coast sales market. Ed comes to Midland with solid experience in the areas of manufacturing management and sales and has already proven to be a solid addition to our team.

Bill Cox

Director of HR

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