Monday, June 22, 2015

Retirement - Mike Zyer

Mike Zyer, head of process engineering, retired this week after 35 years with Midland.

Mike has been an integral part of Midland; the excellence of his work is built into every project that crossed his desk, and that was most of them.  His expertise and indefatigable commitment to high standards benefited not just our customers but all of us who had the privilege to work with him.

He was generous with not only his time and effort, but his vast knowledge.  When you worked with Mike you couldn't help but become better at your own job; I don't know if he was aware of how much many of us learned from him just in the course of getting things done.

Mike's contributions to Midland run deep both in the processes and the people.  He will be greatly missed and we wish him all the best as he begins his well earned retirement.

Brian Chrzanowski, process engineer, will be taking over for Mike and can be reached at

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