Monday, November 8, 2010


At Midland we are constantly looking for ways to strengthen our relationships with our customers. We have found a new way through the use of our recently installed Skype station in our conference room. This gives us the ability to video conference with our customers in the US and overseas.

For those who have a video camera and a Skype account, this is a free service. Our profile on Skype is MIDLANDMETAL.

We have been using this service with many of our customers to review prototypes and first off production pieces. For instance, this service enabled one of our customers to save a plane ticket and a day out of the office by reviewing his prototype on-line interactively.

If you have not tried the service yet, we urge you to purchase a video camera for your computer and create an account at Skype. When your account is set-up, search for our name in the directory and send us an invitation to Skype. You will enjoy this 21st century method of communication.

Skype you soon.

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